Introduction to ADHERO: the Fully-Adhered Membrane

Introduction to ADHERO: the Fully-Adhered Membrane


Self-Adhered, Vapor-Permeable, Highly Durable WRB and Roof underlayment by Pro Clima

ADHERO is a self-adhered, monolithic, vapor-permeable membrane, and durable weather resistive barrier from Pro Clima. ADHERO is an ideal weather protection membrane for exterior gypsum-board in commercial buildings, residential pitched roofs, CLT construction, or any application that called for a high performance fully-adhered WRB. a fully-adhered, high-performance WRB developed for commercial applications.

What Makes ADHERO Unique

Unlike conventional WRBs, ADHERO has no pores and is completely waterproof and airtight. ADHERO relies on active vapor diffusion. Rated at 7 perms, it hits the sweet spot for outward drying and preventing inward vapor drive. Like other SOLITEX membranes in the Pro Clima family, ADHERO uses the monolithic TEEE vapor-open material. This TEEE membrane actively transports the vapor outward by passing it along a molecular chain within. Its is incredibly waterproof, with a tested water column exceeding 32 ft (10m) in height.

ADHERO goes the distance with a full-surface Pro Clima acrylic adhesive layer. ADHERO bonds extremely well to most common building materials without the need for a primer. It can be installed at cold temperatures and can be applied horizontally or vertically. With its 10” (25 cm) top-release strip, it can be applied in a convenient 2-step process: 1) Remove the top release strip to hang the membrane in position, while leave the larger 49" (125cm) release in place. 2) Remove the second release when ready and ensure the lower section can be pressurized easily without creases.

Ready for duty

In some ways, ADHERO is like a gigantic piece of TESCON VANA tape. Just like TESCON VANA requires you to ensure proper pressurization with the PRESSFIX tool, ADHERO uses a similar, but bigger applicator tool - which we’ve dubbed the PRESSFIX XL. Application temperature goes down to 15 °F (-10 °C), and it can be exposed to the elements on the job site for 3-6 months depending on use and climate:

  • UV / Weather Resistance
    • —Climate zone 4-8: 3 months for roofs, 6 months for walls
    • —Climate zone 1-3: 3 months for roofs, 4 months for walls

So, for the next job that needs a self-adhered WRB - think ADHERO. Not only is it best in its class, it is affordable and part of a complete Pro Clima family of assembly air and moisture control, that provides a real full system warranty - giving the builder and owner peace of mind.

Read more about specs on the ADHERO product page, as well as installation guides and use as weather protection and airsealing in CLT construction.

The image above is of a recent project from Three Tree Home Performance in Vermont, early adopters of ADHERO. David Powers of Three Tree has this to say:

"Overall its another great Pro Clima product, way above and beyond any other self-adhering WRB I have used before."

Thank you, David! Keep up the great work.