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Suitable for exterior use

ADHERO® VISTO is a transparent, self-adhering membrane that provides durable temporary weather protection during construction for Mass Timber assemblies. It can act as an air barrier, rainscreen WRB, and offers waterproofing capabilities. Delivering top-notch safety and durability like other Pro Clima membranes, SOLITEX® ADHERO® VISTO is easy to install with a 10-inch (250mm) top release strip and full self-adhered backing.



  • Unique high transparency - shows all fasteners, joints and markings
  • Non-porous, highly waterproof membrane that allows slight outward drying
  • High tear resistance and translucent cover fleece allows you to see markings on sheathing, fastener and nailing patterns
  • Reliable bonding on all standard construction materials thanks to excellent adhesive properties and full coverage with Pro Clima SOLID acrylic adhesive
  • Split release paper with 10” (250 mm) top strips, allows for easy two-step installation
  • Self-sealing around fasteners #9 and smaller


  • Use PRESSFIX XL, broom, or roller for easy application and pressurization of ADHERO® VISTO on substrates
  • Bonds to all Pro Clima membranes, CLT, OSB, plywood, PE, metal, plastics, and exterior gypsum
  • In combination with TESCON PRIMER RP, adheres to soft/porous wood insulation panels, concrete, rough OSB and brick


  • Material: Self-adhered, transparent, polyethylene copolymer
  • Adhesive: Full surface SOLID acrylic adhesive
  • Very watertight, resists >32 feet of water column (10m)
  • Exposure Time: 3 months
  • PP microfiber fleece has optimized surface for non-slip traction and superior tape bonding

Roll Dimensions: 59" x 98’ 5” (1.5m x 30m)

Area: 484 ft² (45 m² )