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Suitable for interior use


DB+® is a reinforced paper-based smart vapor retarder and air sealing membrane. Ideal environmentally friendly air barrier option for the environmentally conscious contractor.


  • Made from recycled paper (50% of weight is recycled)
  • Provides excellent protection as smart vapor retarder for cellulose, mineral wool, fiberglass, wood fiber, sheep wool, and straw bale insulation
  • Reinforced layer allows it to be used as blow-in mesh (use counter battens to support DB+)


  • DB + is recycled paper which is strengthened with a bi-directional reinforcement layer
  • Use with either, batts, boards and as mesh for blown-in insulation
  • Vapor variable profile protects the interior of the building envelope in most climatic conditions, making it the most sustainable protection/airtight membrane for the thermal insulation
  • Vapor retarding in winter - 0.8 Perm (sd value 4 m) - protection against condensation
  • Vapor open in summer – 8.0 Perm (sd value 0.4m) - facilitates drying to the interior
  • Lightweight and easy to install, especially compared to OSB/Plywood
  • Fully recyclable

Dimensions: 53" x 164' (1.35 m x 50 m)
Roll Area: 724 sf (67.5 m