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The Lunos eGO is an all-in-one room ventilation system with a built-in regenerative heat recovery core. The eGO is ideal for bathrooms and single room spaces that require continuous heat recovery ventilation.


  • Provides continuous ventilation without the need for duct-work and is installed directly in the exterior wall
  • Quiet operation, suitable for bathrooms/kitchens
  • 85% tested heat recovery efficiency


  • Ventilation rates: 3-12 CFM in heat recovery mode, up to 27 CFM in exhaust mode
  • 300 SF maximum room size
  • Sound levels: 16.8db – 24.0dB – 38.1dB and 38.1dB in exhaust mode (NOTE: fans are more audible than e² units)
  • Heat recovery efficiency: 85% (tested with DIN 308 / DIBt protocol)
  • Humidity recovery: 20%
  • Specific fan efficiency: 0.17 – 0.2 Wh/m3 (0.29 (W/cfm)
  • Filter: G3 (MERV 5) or optional pollen F5 (MERV 9-10)
  • Includes one controller: 5/UNI-FR No.40269 controller. One eGO per controller
  • Installation sleeve included – can be pre-installed in wall before insulating/during construction
  • Creating a quiet heat recovery ventilation system without the need for ducts and balancing, with specific fan efficiency that is second to none.
  • 475 Rotary Switch is recommended for occupant control (sold separately)

Exterior Diameter of Tube: 65/16” (160 mm)

Diameter of the Fan Unit: 57/8” (150 mm)

Tube length: 19 3/4” (500 mm)

Minimum wall thickness: 113/4” (300mm)