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ROFLEX SOLIDO® are highly flexible EPDM gaskets for air sealing and waterproofing round pipes and ducts. Quick, easy and adaptable sealing of perpendicular pipe penetrations. ROFLEX SOLIDO® includes CONTEGA SOLIDO EXO® tape for reliable waterproofing and adhesion to all common building materials and Pro Clima membranes.


  • Airtight sleeves made from EPDM with built-in SOLIDO acrylic adhesive (CONTEGA SOLIDO EXO)
  • Split release paper for fast and secure application
  • Creates instant, airtight connections to round ducts and pipes that enter through airtight membranes, vapor retarders and WRBs
  • Pre-cut hole in flexible EPDM saves time
  • Forms tight fitting sleeve, without causing a protruding bulge (saving space)
  • CONTEGA SOLIDO EXO adheres to concrete, masonry without primer and can be plastered over
  • Pipe remains adjustable after installation- the joint remains sealed
  • Excellent values for IAQ, low VOC per AgBB/ISO 16000


  • Exceptional bonding to masonry, concrete, CMU solid wood, and all Pro Clima membranes
  • Adheres to many porous, rough and uneven substrates without primer
  • Perform and adhesion test to confirm suitability of substrate
  • For straight pipe penetrations, in case of acute pipe angles (>3:12) use ROFLEX gaskets


  • Penetrations: for one pipe pass-throughs
  • Material: EPDM rubber gasket with built-in CONTEGA SOLIDO EXO solid acrylic adhesive tape
  • UV/Weather exposure: 3 months
  • For air-tight sealing according DIN 4108-7 (ACH50 < 1.5)

Gasket outer edge diameter: 9-3/4” (250mm)

Fits pipes with outside diameter 3-1/2" (90 mm)∅ to 4-3/4" (120 mm)∅