SOLITEX MENTO 5000 Connect

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Suitable for exterior use

SOLITEX MENTO 5000 Connect® is a 3-ply roof underlayment mem­branes with high resistance to wear, temperature exposure and driv­ing rain, and 2 in­teg­rated self-ad­hes­ive strips. Ultimate protection for structures under construction, excellent subroof for under metal, slate and tile roofs.


  • Highly permeable and at the same time, maximum resistance to driving rain, water column >32' (10 m)
  • Optimum drying conditions for roof structures: non-porous TEEE functional membrane actively transports moisture outwards
  • Robust PP cover fleeces provide maximum aging and temperature resistance
  • Suitable for temporary roof when installed with TESCON VANA and NAIDECK nail sealing tape
  • Quick and reliable adhesion as a result of integrated self-adhesive strips along both edges of the membrane
  • No leaks because of tenting effect or wood tannins, unlike microporous membranes 
  • Living Building Challenge Compliant — Red List Free


  • Material: non-porous TEEE functional membrane
  • Durability: Covered by two PP protection fleeces, optimal protection against damages during construction
  • Water column: Resist over 33' (10 m) of water column
  • Air permeance:  0.00004 cfm/ft2
  • Perm Rating: 38 perms (Sd-value 0.05 m) for enhanced outward drying potential
  • Fire rating: Class A material per ASTM E84 test (0 FS, 85 SDI)
  • UV/weather Resistance: Temporary roofing/weatherproofing of façade and roof for up to 4 months (MENTO 3000) or 6 months (MENTO 5000) - certified by ZVDH (German roofing assoc)
  • Artificial aging: Pass long-term testing per DIN EN 1297 / DIN EN 1296

Dimensions: 59" x 164' (1.50 x 50 m)
Roll area: 807 SF (75 m2)

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