Project Spotlight: Lunos Brings Comfort to an Airtight Home

Project Spotlight: Lunos Brings Comfort to an Airtight Home

When he’s not out climbing mountains Paul Kuenn consults on retrofitting buildings. After a career of climbing and handy work he started a deep energy retrofit, maintenance, and energy savings consulting company in Appleton, Wisconsin. One of Paul’s greatest projects, however, was retrofitting his own home. Purchased in 1987, Paul spent years on and off of the road for work. After starting his home renovation project to remove fossil-fuel use from his home, Paul had an epiphany after noticing the increasing amount of cobwebs in the basement - his own home needed a retrofit to improve airtightness.

By 2012, Paul had retrofitted his Appleton home to near Passive House standards. Conducting a blower door test Pauls house achieved 1.2 ACH at 50 pascals. At that low rate, ventilation is a necessity. The now-airtight-house didn’t allow for circulation, humidity levels rose, and condensation frequently collected on the windows. Through 475, Paul found the perfect solution: the decentralized Lunos heat recovery ventilation system.

Paul's home, post-retrofit
Paul hard at work
LUNOS e² fan, exterior view
LUNOS e² fan, exterior during installation
LUNOS e² interior vent in the kitchen
LUNOS e² interior vent in the office
e² fans work in pairs as a through-wall solution to efficient heat recovery ventilation
The e² and eGO fans work together to offer a complete decentralized ventilation system

Built in 1960, Paul’s house has small rooms and an open kitchen/living room. After retrofitting his home, he installed one pair of LUNOS e² fans. They’re quiet and work in pairs to create continuous, balanced, ventilation with heat recovery. One fan unit was installed in the open kitchen and it’s partnered fan on the other side of the building in his home office (learn more about sizing Lunos systems here).

Because it’s a decentralized system, each Lunos fan is ductless and installs directly into the exterior wall of a building. Lunos systems ventilate a specific room, or a group of rooms, depending on the layout, within a house. They fit perfectly in older homes, single family and multi-family homes.

Paul noticed increased comfort, stable humidity levels, no condensation, and an airtight envelope kept the chilling winter weather out of his house. An added bonus of the system - even when the fans are running on high, the system remains quiet. With easy installation and no issues or repairs needed, Paul says that Lunos systems are reliable and get the job done efficiently.

After completing his personal retrofit, Paul has been trying to convince his neighbors to use Lunos. A small mining community, he believes his fellow residents could greatly benefit from lower utility bills and healthy homes. After his experience with Lunos, Paul has further invested in bringing the best green building materials to his home state. Currently, Paul uses Pro Clima’s air-sealing system relying on its core products such as; SOLITEX exterior membranes, CONTEGA HF adhesive caulk, INTELLO PLUS vapor retarder, and TESON VANA adhesive tape to create an airtight enclosure.

As an outdoorsman Paul's relationship with nature closely aligns with 475’s. United with 475, Paul delivers high performance housing retrofits to anyone who is interested. His work is pivotal to reducing the harmful effects of climate change and preserving the vast mountain regions across the world that he loves to climb.