Studio 804 Demonstrates an Innovative and Efficient Shelter Solution

Studio 804 Demonstrates an Innovative and Efficient Shelter Solution

For the last several years, 475 has partnered with Studio 804, a hands-on, design-build graduate program at the University of Kansas School of Architecture and Design. Each year, Studio 804 undertakes a distinct project with a focus on energy efficiency and sustainability that spans all aspects of the design and construction process.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic and the increasing need for private and safe temporary housing, the 2021 student cohort designed and built 12 tiny homes out of shipping containers on the property of the Lawrence Community Shelter. This small new community is named Monarch Village.

Monarch Village is family-friendly and accommodates four people per unit, each including a full bathroom and small kitchenette. One unit is fully ADA accessible. At the heart of Monarch Village sits an existing community vegetable garden, supplying the cafeteria through a farm to table concept. Future plantings will support the migration of the monarch butterfly.

During construction, the project team used Pro Clima’s INTELLO PLUS air barrier membrane + smart vapor control in conjunction with TESCON VANA tape to seal all 6 sides of the interior of each container. They also used TESCON PROFIL tape for waterproofing and air sealing around doors, windows, electrical boxes, fan vents, and other penetrations in the membrane to achieve a truly airtight envelope.

The Studio 804 also documented this process in an excellent series of videos. Here’s the team demonstrating how they installed INTELLO at Monarch Village in the video below.

The project team also installed LUNOS e² heat recovery ventilation (HRV) systems into each of the homes to provide continuously ventilated, fresh air for optimal occupant comfort. The choice to rely on e² units for efficient ventilation is no surprise, as a quick YouTube search for “tiny house Lunos” pops up with dozens of videos from tiny house dwellers explaining the reasons why it’s the best solution for high efficiency ventilation in small spaces.

Congrats to the Studio 804 class of 2021 on a job well-done! We see bright futures ahead for the students in this team. Visit the Studio 804 site to see more on this project and past projects.